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LASIK – Laser Vision Correction in Anderson, SC

LASIK Patients Anderson, SCMore than one million people each year undergo a surgical laser procedure because they do not like wearing contact lenses or glasses. LASIK and PRK are the most common laser procedures to restore better vision without glasses and we have been performing refractive surgery here at Medicus for more than 25 years.

How does LASIK work? The eye is something like a camera with a lens in the front of the eye and the retina in the back of the eye. The cornea is the clear tissue at the very front of the eye, like a windshield on a car. The cornea and lens together focus light onto the retina. Like film in the back of a camera, the retina records the image. When the image is not in focus we can use glasses or contact lenses to get it into sharp focus on the retina. Or, we can change the focus of the eye by 1) changing the shape of the cornea or 2) replacing the lens such as during cataract surgery. LASIK and PRK use high speed, very accurate lasers to change the shape of the cornea and put the eye back into sharp focus.

With LASIK a thin flap is created in the cornea. After lifting the flap the laser is used to change the shape of the cornea and then the flap is repositioned. We do all this using lasers with a bladeless technique. Healing is rapid and most patients have good vision in a few days.

For those with thin corneas or when eye trauma is possible such as military, police or firefighters the correction can be done on the surface of the cornea with no flap to become dislodged. This is called Surface Ablation or sometimes PRK (photo refractive keratoplasty). The results are equally good with LASIK or PRK and our patients can expect excellent uncorrected vision after either procedure.

Laser Vision Correction Anderson, SC

We are now using the new Allegretto 400 Hz laser for LASIK and PRK. It is the newest, fastest and most accurate laser available today. Since we also use a laser to create the flap in the cornea, we can offer a truly Bladeless operation. We are able to treat nearsighted and farsighted eyes as well as eyes with astigmatism. Of course not every patient is a good candidate for LASIK. For most who are not good candidates for LASIK we offer other refractive procedures such as the Implantable Collamer lens (ICL).

We are happy to provide an evaluation for anyone thinking about LASIK, at no charge. We can help you find the best refractive procedure for you based on your eye condition, age and refractive state. Unlike most LASIK practices we offer a full range of refractive choices for our patients. Even if you are just thinking about Laser Vision Correction we would be happy to talk with you about this, give you more information and answer any questions you may have.